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“Design is not just what it looks and feels like Design how it works.”


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Our Newsletters

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Here is a sample of what you’ll receive from your Coach Notes Archives:


Newsletter: Volume I. No. 25
Corporate Culture Drives Results

In Change the Culture, Change the Game, Tom Smith and Roger Connors write: “Either you manage your culture, or it will manage you.”



Newsletter: Volume I No. 23
Managing for Peak Performance

Disengaged employees often appear to lack commitment. In reality, many of them crave re-engagement. No one enjoys working without passion or joy.


Newsletter: Volume I. No. 24
Are You Bored – or Boring?
The Brain Science Behind Boredom

It’s no wonder that so many people count themselves among the zombies who show up for work each day. When two-thirds of people report feeling tired or bored at work, it’s time to ask why – and what can be done.



Newsletter: Volume I. No. 21
Be a Better Boss:
5 Critical Mindsets

Ninety percent of us work for someone else, regardless of our seniority or status. As with great works of art, we have learned to recognize good bosses when we see them, but their specific qualities may prove difficult to define.


Newsletter: Volume I. No. 22
45,276 Ways to Stop Information Overload

How many times have you screamed to yourself: “There is too much information online! Make it stop! Argh!”

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