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Overcoming Leadership Blind Spots

“Leadership is a struggle by flawed human beings to make some important human values real and effective in the world as it is.” - Steven Snyder, Leadership and the Art of Struggle There’s no escaping it: Everyone has blind spots. No matter how hard we try to be self-aware, everyone – including the best leader – ...

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Mind Over Mood

Mind Over Mood: 3 Paths to Better Decisions “Our decision-making capacities are not simply ‘wired in,’ following some evolutionary design. Choosing wisely is a learned skill, which, like any other skill, can be improved with experience.” - Reid Hastie and Robyn M. Dawes, Rational Choice in an Uncertain World: The ...

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The Innovator’s Paradox

When’s the best time to implement change? Before you need to do so. In a world of accelerating product and technology developments, the way you handle your job today is far different from when you first started out. Business in the 21st-century is continuously reinvented and innovated. If you resist change, thriving and surviving may ...

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5 Golden Rules of Leadership

I’ve been reading The Leadership Code: 5 Rules to Lead By, (Harvard Business Press, 2011) Dave Ulrich, Norm Smallwood and Kate Sweetman. I like this book for many reasons, but especially because the authors do a good job of synthesizing leadership theories into a concise framework. Having a framework of the five major leadership ...

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